Ruckersville Area Plan
At a recent Greene Co Chamber of Commerce meeting on September 6, 2017, an important handout was distributed regarding the process of the Thomas Jefferson District Planning Commission (TJDPC). Please feel free to take a look at this handout to learn more about the plans for development of the Ruckersville area by clicking here (pdf).

It would also be VERY helpful to the Commission and the County if all businesses and residents completed this survey, , which will be used as the starting point for the Commission's development of recommendations to the County for future growth and development in the Ruckersville area. Please note, this entire process is driven by what businesses and residents want Ruckersville to be, so please fill out the survey and attend the public meetings to give your input.

Dam 1 Water Level To Be Lowered
Starting today, the valve at dam 1 is going to be opened halfway to release water in preparation for any residual of hurricane Irma coming through the area. You may notice the lake water being about a foot lower each day.

Once it starts raining, the valve will be closed, and the lake will refill. This action should prevent too much pressure or damage occurring to the other dams during the storm.

Next TLOA Monthly Meeting: Tuesday, September 19, 2017 from 7-9pm
TLOA Office - Stanardsville, Va. All home owners welcome! ► view map
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    TLOA Monthly Meeting

    Tuesday, September 19, 2017- 7-9pm
    15 Ford Ave, Stanardsville
    All home owners welcome! ► map

    Recent Water Quality Issues

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    Road Paving Planning Complete

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