Next Board Meeting: Tuesday, September 17, 2015 - 7-9pm
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Trimming About to Begin on Unkempt Properties

In an effort to address a growing number of complaints and safety issues regarding roads and visibility, we have been attempting to reach out to homeowners and renters who have not been in compliance with our by-laws regarding unkempt properties. We are pleased to report that there has been a noticeable response to this effort. We wish to extend a sincere "thank you" to all of those that have helped to tend to these issues and improve our community!

Unfortunately, not nearly enough people have responded to our repeated requests to trim back and maintain trees and shrubs three feet from the road. This basic maintenance request has resulted in a serious safety issue for our community. Therefore the TLOA Board has been forced to hire a lawn care company to tend to these problematic areas. Work should begin on the week of August 10th and continue through the month.

There is still time for property owners to tend to their own responsibilities! This will reduce the cost to Twins Lakes for this work as well as the likelihood of future related increases in homeowners dues or the potential for individual fines. The lawn care company will be keeping track of lot numbers and the time taken to clear each one for our records. As a reminder the primary concerns for our neighborhood are listed below. The lawn care company will be addressing just the first item on this list, the clearing of road fronts.

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Next Board Meeting

Tuesday, September 17, 2015 - 7-9pm
TLOA Office - Stanardsville, Va. All home owners welcome!
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