Advertising Programs

Newsletter Advertisement

(4 issues per year)

1/4 page = $25/issue
1/2 page = $50/issue

Website Advertisement

(3 month period)

home page = $25
all other pages = $25
every page = $50

Advertising Package Deals!

Deal 1: Save 25% with the advanced purchase of a year-long sponsorship. (1 free newsletter or 3 free months on site)

Deal 2: Save 10% on entire total with purchase of both a newsletter and website ad.

Deal 3: Deals can be combined!

Why advertise in Twin Lakes?

  • Twin Lakes is the largest subdivision in Greene County which provides outreach to well over 500 households of local, loyal customers. Our website expands this outreach to Charlottesville and surrounding counties.
  • Our newsletter is now published 4 times per year. It is direct-mailed to our residents and property owners as well as displayed on this web site.
  • The web-based newsletter enables your ad to be hyperlinked directly to your website, which extends your advertising depth. The website ad also links directly to your website.
  • Since its launch in April 2016, the Twin Lakes website has had over 11,000 unique visitors and over 17,000 total visits. So having an ad on the home page and most all secondary pages provides great branding exposure.
  • An ad keeps your business’s name and services in front of potential customers, all while helping to support the Twin Lakes Community!

Please email us to learn more about how to get your ad on the website where Twin Lakes residents will see it!

Notice: This advertising program is an exclusive offer for Twin Lakes owners and residents only!