Rules & Bylaws

Rules, By-laws, Declarations & Articles

This section displays the most current rules, by-laws and other documents that govern the Board and HOA members. Most community member questions pertain to issues discussed in the Community or Architectural rule sets linked below.

All Twin Lakes Rules (Rev. April 2023)
Community Rules (Rev. April 2023)
Architectural Rules (Rev. April 2023)
Lakes & Dams Rules (Rev. April 2023)
By-laws (Rev. Nov. 2018)
Declarations (Rev. Oct. 2011)
Articles of Incorporation (Rev. Oct. 2011)

Official TLOA/APMS Rule Enforcement Policy (Rev. Aug. 2020)

NOTE: you may search for specific text in any of these PDF documents by clicking “Control + F” once they are open. Then simply type in the word or phrase in the box that appears and hit “Enter“.

Property Modifications

Most property modifications require permission from the TLOA Board before proceeding. Such modifications include structural enhancements to your home (such as new porches or additions), as well as new structures on the property (including sheds, garages, fences, gazebos, etc).

Property owners must fill out and submit an Architectural Improvement Request (AIR) form in order to request approval. Those proceeding without AIR form submission AND approval are subject to a $50 fine plus potentially additional fines associated with any rule violations.

Twin Lakes Architectural Improvement Request Form

Submit inquires or building requests (along with any specifically-required documentation outlined in the Architectural rule set above) to the Rules & Bylaws Committee via

Quick Reference for Sheds & Outbuildings

If you’re looking to add a shed, garage or other outbuilding to your property, you will need to submit the following to the Rules & Bylaws Committee:

  • A completed Architectural Improvement Request (AIR) Form.
  • A sketch drawing of the property annotated with the following:
    • Lot # and address
    • Home, driveway, street and proposed shed location
    • Distance of proposed shed location from closest property lines (i.e. distance from left/right and front/back property edges)
  • In addition to the property sketch, property owners should submit a signed statement verifying the exterior color of the shed/outbuilding will match exterior of house.
  • State in the request whether the shed/outbuilding will be permanently anchored (i.e. concrete footings/posts) or placed on skids. **Sheds attached/anchored to permanent foundations incur an impact fee. For sheds up to 199 sq.ft., the impact fee will be $100. Payment of impact fee, if applicable, must be remitted before approval will be granted or work begins.**