April ’19 Roads Report

We have requested a quote to establish proper ditches along Morning Glory Turn just above the Jonquil Road intersection.  Rain run-off has started to erode the ground under the road.  After ditch is in place, we can repair the road.

We have already a quote from Rhoades Paving to fix this area, the other similarly damaged area on East Daffodil just down from Geranium, and two very new, very prominent potholes.  The quote is $1,650 and we will proceed as soon as the ditch is repaired on Morning Glory Turn.

We are still waiting to hear from Makco, the guard rail repair specialist, to give us quotes to re-install the guard rail on Morning Glory Turn and install new guard rail at the hairpin turn on Morning Glory Road.  They are extremely busy though and have no idea when we can get an estimate, let alone the actual work done.

We are about to install 4×4 wooden posts with reflectors at the hairpin turn of Morning Glory Road to address the safety concern there until we can afford to have guard rails installed.  We are going to do the same thing to a small problematic area on West Daffodil.

Finally, we are working hard to determine the best way to mark the sink hole at the culvert on Carnation Road just down from Azalea.  We are not likely very close to having the $42,000 needed to repair that area, so we are hoping to find a more permanent way to mark the area and try to fill the hole.  We will be trying traffic cones to start with and plan to fill the hole with rip rap to lessen the severity of the area.