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Lakes Greene & Skyline Trash Rack Notice

Lakes Greene and Skyline To Receive New Trash Racks

Trash Rack Repairs for Lakes Greene & Skyline

Lake Trash Rack Status

Flood Cleanup Update

Geranium Road Repairs (mostly) Complete

Twin Lakes Water Pressure Concerns

Management of Lake Water Elevations

Seeking 3 Board Members

Lake Shenandoah Open for Recreation

Lake Shenandoah Refilling Continues…

Lake Shenandoah Filling

Lake Shenandoah Construction Complete

Lake Shenandoah to be Refilled

Lake Shenandoah Restoration

Pothole Repairs Complete

Lake Shenandoah Closing For Repairs

Bear Sightings in the Area

Carnation Road Patch Paving Completed

Road Report – April ’20

Lake Shenandoah Update

Lake Shenandoah Water Elevation

Lake Shenandoah Storm Response

Welcome Back, Lake Shenandoah!

All Lake Shenandoah Repairs Now Complete!!

Lake Shenandoah Major Renovations Complete!!

Carnation Road Culvert Replaced

Carnation Road Culvert to be Replaced Soon

September ’19 Lakes Report

August ’19 Lakes Report

Pothole Repairs Complete

Pothole Repairs to Start Soon

August ’19 Roads Report

July ’19 Roads Report

Lake Shenandoah Restoration Update

Lake Shenandoah Restoration Project Continues to Move Forward

June ’19 Roads Report

Lake Skyline Dam Restoration Complete

May ’19 Roads Report

April ’19 Roads Report

North Fork Rivanna Water Quality Community Meeting

March ’19 Roads Report

Water Quality in our Streams: a VDEQ Presentation

Lake Skyline Is Now Re-opened!

Dam #2 & Lake Shenandoah Status

February ’19 Roads Report