February ’19 Roads Report

Our current urgent focus is on Aster Road, which has a wide area mid-way down the road from what appears to be erosion due to salt run-off from the adjacent driveway, as well as a long trench that has formed over the past several months due to heavy rains. While we wait to see when it will be possible to invest the $15k it will take to pave this road, we are bringing in our landscaping company to fill in the areas with gravel and grade things down the best he can. Ideally this could keep things stable until funds have accumulated. We are working on this as soon as possible.

We were asked by a guest at our most recent meeting to consider installing a guard rail or at least reflective posts at the bottom of the first big hill on West Daffodil. Cars are frequently running off the road in that area and creating an expensive and dangerous hazard for the residents in the area and motorists of course. We will be seeking quotes for guard rail work in early spring. This will be done at the same time that we also seek quotes for both the re-installation of the guard rail on Morning Glory Turn as well as a new section around the hairpin turn of Morning Glory Road. As a likely more affordable alternative, we are also seeking a quote to install wooden posts with reflectors to serve as a visual guides at both locations we are considering new guard rail installation.

Our landscaping company is just about to start work to install a metal grate over top of the culvert inlet at the entrance to West Daffodil. This will include forming a cement collar and a locking mechanism for safety and easy of cleaning.

Our landscaping company is also in the process of providing quotes to carve out proper V-ditches along the side of the road on East Daffodil, just down from the intersection with Geranium, as well as on Morning Glory Turn, just up from the intersection with Jonquil. In both of these locations water is flowing towards the road and carving out holes in the road. We can’t fix those holes until we fix the water flow.

We continue to keep the culvert replacement project on Carnation Road on hold, as well as some other similar projects that we just don’t have the funds to pursue at this time. There are also no major plans for paving this year as things currently stand, aside from possibly scraping together the funds to pave our very worst road, the Aster Rd. cul-de-sac.