July ’19 Roads Report

We continue to wait for Makco to provide us a quote to repair the guard rail on Morning Glory Turn and to potentially install a new guard rail at hairpin turn of Morning Glory Road. In the mean time, we are exploring cheaper option for either marked posts or a wooden fence along Morning Glory Road.

The new V-ditch is set to be finally established on Morning Glory Turn sometime in early to middle July.

Community-wide road-side brush trimming is set to pick up full speed in mid-July as well.

We are watching the failing culvert on Carnation and gathering one more quote for the work while waiting to see if there will be funds in 2019 to at least get that resolved.

Pot hole planning is mostly done. We had to add several new holes that we discovered and that has delayed the process a bit. We hope to have that work done by late July, and certainly as soon as the contractor can fit us in.

We continue to watch and grade the 2 worst cul-de-sacs in Twin Lakes, Aster Road and Gladiola Road. The hope is that some time in next year or so we can finally pave both of these roads.

We are aware that there are MANY areas in Twin Lakes that need paving, and regret that we have been unable to fund any new paving in over 2 years now. We do hope to start funding paving projects more significantly in 2020 and continue until we can “catch up” a bit.