Lake Shenandoah Closing For Repairs

Beginning Saturday, May 16th, and lasting through the end of May, Lake Shenandoah will be closed to recreational activity, as we drop the water level significantly in order to do work on the riser tower. This work will shorten the height of the riser tower, resulting in a lower permanent water elevation, and has been planned since it was discovered that the tower was higher than specified in the engineering designs for the dam repair.

Work on the tower is expected to begin on May 20th, when the water elevation has dropped sufficiently.

This window will offer an opportunity for lakeside property owners to complete or review footers, etc. of piers and docks. For the north side of the lake where the water is already fairly shallow, this window should extend from May 18th to nearly the end of the month. Property owners closer to the dam will have a shorter window in the middle of that period.

This schedule may be subject to change, and is dependent upon the contractor, weather, and other unforeseen factors.

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