Lake Shenandoah Filling

Lake Shenandoah continues to refill with water.  Although the lower valve (the stopper in the bathtub) has only been closed for about a week and a half, we had expected more progress at this point.  However, the weeks’ worth of rainfall predicted never materialized.  And, it also appears to never have happened upstream either, given the reduced volume of water flowing into the lake.

One third of the lakebed is now inundated with water, however, and progress to the final water elevation remains steady.  Nothing more has to be done, except to be patient.  As soon as the final water elevation is reached, the lake will be re-opened to the entire community.  The common area/access off of Amicus Road and the dam itself will remain off-limits, however, as the earthen dam must be properly “stabilized” with vegetative growth (i.e. grasses) before the county will declare the project completed.  Please respect the No Trespassing signs posted in that area.

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