Lake Shenandoah Major Renovations Complete!!

The main construction work on rebuilding Dam #2 (Lakes Shenandoah) has been completed! The last of the concrete is poured, and the earthen dam rebuilt. The lakebed has been cleared, the boat launch are and inlet are cleared and ready, and lakeside owners have completed their new piers and docks (or the frameworks for them).

While a number of final wrap-tasks remain to be knocked out at the dam site, the dam and lake itself are ready for the return of the water- and that is exactly what is about to happen. The Board will be conferring with both our contractor and engineer this week, and if they agree, will most likely vote to close the lower valve for good right away.

We will, of course, not have a truly “recreational” lake for a little while, as it will take some time for the waters to clear, the resulting debris to be cleaned up, and the lake to normalize- and longer to stock it with game fish. But this is the most exciting milestone of the entire project, and one that we have been working towards for many years- so stay tuned here for further updates!