Lake Shenandoah Restoration Project Continues to Move Forward

Although suffering from poor weather in the past, and other unforeseen delays, the dam repair and lake restoration project at our primary lake continues to move forward. Last week, a major milestone was passed: the new robust and carefully engineered, poured-concrete vertical riser (the “drain” of the lake) was completed! This is probably the trickiest part of the entire project, requiring several months of preparation and testing, and it is now behind us. What remains is to install the primary spillway pipe (which, at 1 ton per linear foot is still a big job) , switch over water flow and remove the old pipe, and backfill the dam.

The Board has approved a contract for the clearing work for the portion of the lakebed closest to the dam, and are waiting on further proposals to clear the rest of the lake bed. (The project was split in two to avoid impacting the progress of the dam repair itself.) Note: once the clearing work actually begins, please be aware that burning of the brush material will occur on site- please close all windows and doors if you see smoke and live lakeside, to avoid allowing it into your home.

The dam, lakebed, and all common areas associated with Lake Shenandoah remain off-limits to no-authorized persons, until further notice.