Lake Shenandoah Storm Response

The Twin Lakes HOA is aware of the expected storm today and has developed a storm response action plan. We have consulted with our dam engineer since the storm is predicted to be heavier than usual, and due to the new higher (original) water elevation in Lake Shenandoah, we will be implementing the following:

The lower valve of the riser tower has been opened, and will be left open to allow the water level to drop by approximately one foot.  Water levels will be monitored closely, and the valve will be closed again after the storm.  Additionally, the riser will be kept clear of debris.  This will be the association’s plan for dealing with storm events in the immediate future, in the hopes that at least some flooding can be mitigated.

Additionally, in response to lakeside owners’ input and other considerations, the Board has decided to permanently lower Lake Shenandoah’s water elevation (which was restored to the original and higher elevation that had not been seen in about 25 years) by 6 inches, and is currently in the process of obtaining the engineering designs and proposals to do the work as rapidly as is practical.