Lake Shenandoah to be Refilled

On Monday (June 15, 2020), our contractor will complete the correction of the riser tower height, bringing it into compliance with project specifications (and lowering the final and permanent water elevation).  This will complete the construction phase of the dam repair project.

Our contractor will do some more reseeding of the repaired portion of the dam on Monday as well, and close the lower valve before departing, starting the process of refilling the lake.  This will take most of the rest of this coming week, depending on precipitation.  When complete, we will once again re-open the recently regraded boat launch area accessible from West Daffodil Rd.  Look for follow-up announcements.

If you are a Lake Shenandoah waterfront property owner, and are still working on a pier/dock project or doing some final clearing of obstacles in the lakebed, we urge you to finish your work in the next few days.  (Reminder:  do not dump any debris of any kind, vegetation or otherwise, into our lakes. Remove it instead.)

We thank you for your patience during this complex and often challenging project.  We will soon have three long-lasting, robust, and fully state-certified recreational lakes for our community to enjoy.

Stay tuned to our website for further news, and address all questions related to this project to