Lake Skyline Is Now Re-opened!

The Board of Directors is very pleased to announce the re-opening of Lake Skyline!

Beginning immediately, Twin Lakes residents may use the access road, boat ramp, and lake itself for approved recreational activities, during daylight hours. The repair and upgrade of Dam #3, including the slip-lining of the primary spillway, regrading of the dam, and replacement of the riser and pouring of a new concrete weir is now complete, and water levels are back to normal.

We ask that all residents respect the lake and its common areas, so that they remain clean and safe for everyone to enjoy.  (It is also vital for safety reasons that residents never climb on or manipulate the trash screen or riser in any way. If it appears blocked or requires attention, please email the Lakes Committee at the email address below.) Our assessments and hard work have restored this lake and dam- help us to make the most of this investment in our community.

The dam itself remains off-limits to everyone, as the grass must grow back and the dam be “stabilized” before regulatory inspections cease and the project is actually complete. This will take several months at least. Please do not trespass on the dam itself until the Board determines that foot traffic will no longer damage it.

Enjoy the return of Lake Skyline! Our community now has two fully upgraded dams and available lakes (Greene and Skyline), and the Board is working hard to restore our largest and primary lake, Shenandoah. Stay tuned here for future updates.

(If you are a landlord of a Twin Lakes residence, please share this news and restrictions with your renters- thank you.)

Any questions, comments & suggestions, or reports of suspicious activity can be sent to