Dam #2 & Lake Shenandoah Status

Equipment mobilization and delivery of materials (including an impressive tonnage of concrete spillway pipe) for the repair of Dam #2 is now virtually complete. Erosion control fences are in place, and negotiations with Greene County have allowed us to reduce the cost of lining the plunge pool (where the water exits the dam through the primary spillway) with stone. We are not simply restoring this important area, but improving it for longevity and sediment control (see announcement concerning the North Fork Rivanna TDML Study). The access road into the construction site from Amicus has also now been constructed, and the primary work of opening and repairing the earthen dam will now begin.

We urge all of our residents to be careful driving on Amicus Road past the dam, as construction vehicles entering and exiting the work site will continue to present a potential hazard at that blind turn. All access to the lake and its associated lots also continues to be restricted, for the safety of our residents and the security of the construction site. Stay tuned here for further updates.

Click here to view an article about these repairs in the Greene County Record.