March ’19 Roads Report

Grading and graveling of the Aster Rd cul-de-sac has been completed now with the hopes that the road can remain reasonably traversable for the near future.  This will hopefully hold us over until we can find the $15,000 needed to properly pave that poor road.  The Board will be monitoring the road regularly and will continue to grade the road as needed.

We are also keeping a check on the Gladiola Rd cul-de-sac, which is also in very poor shape with an approximate $15,000 price tag.

A metal grate has been installed above a culvert inlet at end of W. Daffodil to help keep the culvert clear, and a dangerous hole blocked away from pedestrians.  The grate can be easily removed for cleaning the culvert when necessary.

We recently had a ditch re-established along the side of East Daffodil Rd between Geranium and Goldenrod.  This was done to divert water flow which was pushing toward the road and undercutting it.  We have already had a paving company examine the area for repair as soon as we know if the water issues have been properly addressed.

We are waiting for quotes to do a similar V-ditch repair near Jonquil Rd on Morning Glory Turn.  Water there is also eroding the road and will need to be diverted away from the road before we can repair the area.

We have also identified two other significant potholes that we will try to fill as soon as possible. These include one at the top of the hill on Morning Glory Rd just before the intersection with Morning Glory Turn, and the other is just at the bottom of the long hill on the back of Morning Glory Turn.

Finally, we are getting quotes to repair the guard rail on Morning Glory Turn, as well as to potentially install new railing around the hairpin turn of Morning Glory Road and potentially a sloped area near t he entrance of West Daffodil.  Alternatively we are seeking quotes for wooden post installation with reflectors in those same areas to provide some visual guides as a much more affordable option.