Lake Shenandoah Update

Here’s the latest news on the Lake Shenandoah project:  the contractor involved was on site today (4/22/2020) to reseed, straw, and mat the repaired portion of the dam, to ensure that it is “stabilized” (with vegetative growth) properly in the coming months.  This is required before we can close the permit and truly consider the project over.

More importantly, our contractor has acknowledged the error made in the riser tower height (which determines the water pool elevation), and committed to correcting it by the end of May.  This will result in about a 10 inch drop in water elevation.  We have been working towards this commitment for a month and a half, and so it is an important development in adjusting the lake’s water elevation to its final (lower) elevation.  Until then, the Board continues to aggressively monitor both the riser grate and the weather, to try and head off more unwanted elevations of the water due to rainfall.

Stay tuned here for further announcements.