Road Report – April ’20

Carnation Road Culvert Repair Area Patch Paving Planned for This Week!!

The area on Carnation Road (just down from Azalea Road) that we had to excavate to replace a failed culvert should be paved soon. We are awaiting word on whether our preferred main road paving contractor, SL Williamson, might be able to take care of that patch while they are doing other small patches in the area. This would provide a substantial reduction in overall cost since we would not need to pay for site mobilization for this one small area.

This patch work could be completed as soon as this week, so keep your eyes open for a short-term blockage of through-traffic in that area late this week. We will post a specific announcement on this site the moment we are informed of the day and time that they will be working in the area.

If this ideal option does not pan out, we will shift to our back-up plan to use another contractor to perform this work some time in May. We already have an estimate for that work from our other preferred road patch repair specialist (Rhoades Paving), and will be able to follow-up with them very soon if necessary.

Pothole Repairs Also Coming Soon!

We are pleased to announce that we have already just signed a contract with Rhoades Paving to repair over a dozen potholes in Twin Lakes. As soon as they get our deposit they will add us to their schedule and start work soon after. This work will likely be completed some time in early May. You can view the maps of the areas we plan to repair by clicking on the link below:

View Spring 2020 Pothole Repair Map (pdf)

Geranium Road Culvert Repair Planning Underway

We have also been monitoring the damage to our very large “double culvert” located near 474 Geranium Road. This area has been persistently difficult to manage because of the heavy water and debris flow coming from the woods upstream. For several years we have had to take small, “band-aid” steps to keep these culverts in good operating condition, but the damage has finally gotten more critical now, and the road’s integrity in that area is starting to be called into question.

This is a VERY expensive area to repair though. Right now estimates range from $65k to $107k depending the material of the new culvert pipes and whether or not we also install the recommended concrete collar.

Sadly we have next to no funding to apply to this project at this time. So we are being forced to consider one more “band-aid” approach to slow the destabilization of the area while we await assessment-related funding to accumulate. We have also sought financing options with our preferred general contractor for culvert repairs, and they have agreed to put all labor costs on a payment plan for us, just like we have done for the recent Carnation Road culvert replacement. However this does still leave us with the need to raise between $20k and $60k up front to cover any material and sub-contractor costs before the true repair can be scheduled. The Road Committee will post updates here on this topic as developments unfold.

No General Road Paving Planned

Between expanding lake restoration expenses and a string of urgent culvert repairs we have recently completed (West Daffodil, Morning Glory Road, Morning Glory Turn and 2 on Carnation Road to name a few) or need to complete (Geranium Road), there has been very little funding for road-related projects of late aside from pothole repairs and emergency response.

With this expensive and urgent Geranium culvert repair now in front of us, there is not much chance that we can get to any of our long list of roads we would like to formally pave this year. With a bit of luck on both weather and economy, we will hopefully be able to finally shift focus back to road paving in 2021.

The good news is that now that the unpredictable lake restoration-related expenses are about to settle out, we should be able to focus most all upcoming fund surplus towards road paving for the foreseeable future. We have mapped and measured all of the roads we would like to repair, which will likely take a few years to catch up with once funding is finally available. Over time we will catch up and get ahead of our road issues though, at the very least after we have paid off this expensive lake restoration loan.