TLOA COVID-19 Response

Twin Lakes Residents,

Until further notice, TLOA Board of Directors meetings will take place via video-conferencing, and not at the TLOA office in Stanardsville. In order to allow for member input on what the Board will be discussing and voting on at upcoming meetings, we will post our meeting agendas in advance for review. Please send pertinent comments to All comments received prior to the meeting will be reviewed and taken into consideration by the Board.

In response to the escalating health crisis that is the novel coronavirus, we urge all residents to heed the warnings and recommendations of healthcare professionals, and limit all travel and social contact as much as is possible.  This virus is especially dangerous to the elderly and anyone with pre-existing health issues.  Remember:  you are not only a potential victim, but a potential carrier.

It is vital to preventing the complete overwhelming of our healthcare system, that we all do our part to slow the spread of this highly contagious disease [COVID-19], and in keeping with that mission the Board has cancelled all in-person meetings until further notice.  Board meetings will take place via tele-conferencing, and various avenues of communication will be made available (in addition to the email boxes and phone number that are already in place) to ensure that the community has a chance to express opinions on issues that the Board is discussing.

Please refer to the links below for complete information on protecting yourself and others from this pandemic:

Please find some helpful financial resources below:

Stay healthy, and whenever possible- stay home.